The Cheapest Place to Live in Queensland –  Compare Prices & Areas

April 16, 2024
Cheap Beach Houses For Sale in Queensland

Key takeaways:

    • If you are looking for the cheapest place to live in Queensland, you can consider Bundaberg, New Auckland, Nerang, Zillmere etc.

    • The median house prices in Queensland suburbs range from $3,000,000-8,50,000.

    • The above-mentioned suburbs feature a quality lifestyle and affordable cost of living.

Explore the most affordable living options in Queensland with detailed insights on median house and rent prices, suburb highlights, and living conditions. This guide is designed to assist home buyers and renters in finding the best affordable suburbs.

So whether you’re looking for the cheapest houses in Queensland or cheap farmhouses for rent in QLD, Soho’s got your back. So to kick us off, let’s help you find affordable places in Queensland that offer a modest lifestyle.

Overview of Queensland’s Affordable Suburbs

Queensland is known for its diverse range of living options, catering to various budgets. Below is a simplified breakdown of suburbs with affordable housing:

Median House Prices

  • Bundaberg: $357,500
  • New Auckland: $420,000
  • Zillmere: $751,250
  • Nerang: $835,000
  • Manunda: $485,000
  • Charleville: $165,000

Median Rent Prices

  • Bundaberg: $480 weekly for houses and $380 weekly for units
  • New Auckland: $450 weekly
  • Zillmere: $515 weekly
  • Nerang: $700 weekly
  • Manunda: $465 weekly for houses and $360 weekly for units
  • Charleville: $235 weekly

The Cheapest Suburbs In Queensland

#1: Bundaberg – the cheapest place to live in Queensland

House for sale in Bundaberg
  • Median house price: $357,500
  • Median rent price:  $480 for houses and $ 380 for units.

Population: 50,000-90,000

  • Low crime rates and a vibrant community atmosphere.
  • Excellent access to shopping centres and dining options.
  • Proximity to national parks like the Sunshine Coast and Great Sandy Marine Park.

Living Quality:

  • Offers a robust economy and elevated infrastructure spending.
  • Maintains a small-town charm despite its size, enhancing its appeal as an affordable yet vibrant place to live.

Overall, Bundaberg is an excellent place to move to, with a diverse job market, an exciting lifestyle and good cheap housing for Queensland.

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Other cheap places to live in Queensland

Although Bundaberg has, by far, the cheapest housing in comparison to any other district of Queensland, there are at least five others tied for second place. Check these out:

New Auckland

cheapest place to live in Queensland
House for sale in New Auckland
  • Median house price: $420,000
  • Median rent price: $450 weekly

Population: 5,089

  • A thriving community with a significant percentage (34.16%) of the population living in rental accommodation.
  • Ideal climate conditions with plenty of sunny days, suitable for retirees.

Living Quality:

  • Features a low vacancy rate of 1.81%, indicating a stable housing market.
  • Well-equipped with major facilities and services, supporting a high quality of life.

Looking to buy on a budget? Check out our round up of cheap houses for sale in Queensland!

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House for sale in Zillmere.
  • Median house price: $751,250
  • Median rent price:  $515 per week 

Population: Predominantly family households, 59.4% with children.


  • Within easy commuting distance from the Brisbane CBD.
  • Known for strong price growth, with properties typically seeing 35-36% growth over 12 months.

Living Quality:

  • Offers moderate job opportunities and good public school options.
  • Higher than average unemployment rate at 9%, which is something potential residents may consider.

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House for sale in Nerang.
  • Median house price: $835,000
  • Median rent price:  $700 weekly


  • Ranked as the 55th best suburb in Australia, noted for its quiet environment and spectacular views.
  • Features Nerang National Park and Country Paradise Parklands.

Living Quality:

  • The housing market has seen a growth of 13.99% in the past year.
  • Predominantly occupied by couples and young families, offering a peaceful and safe environment.

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House for sale in Manunda.
  • Median house price:$485,000
  • Median rent price:  $ 465 for houses and $ 360 for units.


  • One of the most affordable places not only in Queensland but also in Australia.
  • Provides all essential amenities for a quality residential area, including parks and sports facilities.

Living Quality:

  • Affordable housing with an average cost around the $300,000 mark, making it accessible for first-time home buyers and renters.

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cheapest place to live in Queensland
House for sale in Charleville
  • Median house price:$165,000
  • Median rent price: $235 weekly

Population: 3,000

  • Extremely affordable housing options, significantly lower than other areas.
  • Located far from major cities, offering a secluded living environment.

Living Quality:

  • Limited amenities and services due to the small population and remote location.
  • Suitable for those with a very tight budget looking for a significant decrease in living costs.

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Questions around finding the cheapest place to live in Queensland

What are the cheapest coastal towns to live in QLD?

The cheapest coastal towns in Queensland include Hervey Bay (great for whale watching), Mission Beach, and Barney Point, in Gladstone. You can read more about why Barney Point is so cheap in Soho’s article.

What are the most affordable suburbs in Southeast Queensland?

South east Queensland is the home to various affordable suburbs. They include Forest lake, Zillmere, Riverhills, Springfield Lakes, Alexandra Hills, Nambour, etc.

The median prices in these cities vary from $681,693 to $850,000. These regional areas feature solid buying opportunities, making them the favourites of numerous property space buyers. 

You might want to check out the affordable Hervey Bay as well but do read our review of the worst suburbs of Hervey Bay before you do!

If you’re looking for cheap beach houses for sale in Queensland to live out your seachange, you can explore suburbs like Mission Beach and Cardwell.

Logan is also a popular choice for investors as it has many growth suburbs. But do research the worst suburbs in Logan before making your decision.

Do you need any long-term strategies to buy a home on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast region is known for its high land value and elevated cost of living. However, its surrounding areas offer fantastic homes at affordable prices.

With a little planning and moderate investment, you can expect to buy great properties around the Gold Coast. 

What is the best place to stay in Queensland?

Queensland has many suburbs with affordable costs of living and cheap accommodations. You can consider Bundaberg, French Ville, South Mackay, Nerang, Kirwan, etc.

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