What Should the Percentage of Income For Rent Be?

April 21, 2023
percentage of income for rent

Key takeaways:

    • The 30% rule is a useful guideline for determining the appropriate percentage of income for rent but may need to be adjusted for Australian conditions.

    • Calculate your gross income and rental budget, considering other expenses like transportation and utilities, to find a comfortable rent range.

    • Save money on rent by negotiating a longer lease, sharing a rental property, or choosing a more affordable option.

While there are many advantages to renting, like a smaller financial commitment, you still need to ensure that you’re spending wisely. The percentage of income for rent varies depending on numerous factors, but a popular rule of thumb is the 30% rule—that’s a common way to know how much rent you can afford.

By understanding and applying this guideline, you can avoid rental stress and achieve financial stability. You can additionally research what’s a good salary in Australia to make sure you’re being remunerated correctly.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to determine the appropriate percentage of income for rent and provide actionable tips to help you save money.

The 30% rule: a simple guideline for renters

The 30% rule originated in the United States and has since become a widely accepted benchmark for determining how much of your income should be allocated to rent. 

By spending no more than 30% of your gross income on rent, you can ensure you have enough money left over for other essential expenses like food, utilities, and transportation. 

This is also one of the popular ways real estate agents calculate rent affordability.

However, this rule is not a one-size-fits-all solution and may need to be adjusted for Australian rental prices and living costs.

Adapting the 30% rule for Australia

While the 30% rule can be a helpful starting point, it’s essential to consider the unique circumstances of living in Australia

Factors such as differences in capital cities, fluctuations in the rental market, and other housing costs can influence the appropriate percentage of income for rent.

Calculating your appropriate rent range

To determine how much rent you can afford, you’ll need to calculate your gross income and apply the 30% rule. Be sure to factor in other expenses, such as transportation costs, to ensure you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle without falling into rental stress.

percentage of income for rent

Calculating your gross income

When calculating your gross income, consider your weekly, monthly, and annual earnings. Your income should be stable and consistent to ensure you can meet your rental payments.

Determining your rental budget

Once you know your gross income, apply the 30% rule to find your ideal rental budget. However, don’t forget to factor in other costs such as utilities, insurance, and transportation expenses when making this calculation.

Adjusting your rent range

If you find that your rent exceeds 30% of your gross income, you may need to reassess your budget to avoid housing stress or rental stress. 

For low-income households, concessions and assistance programs may be available to help cover housing costs.

Tips to save money on rent

By following these practical tips, you can find ways to save money on rent and maintain a comfortable lifestyle:

percentage of income for rent

Negotiate a longer lease for rent reduction

If you’re trying to figure out how to get cheap rent, signing a longer lease may provide an opportunity to negotiate lower rental payments with your landlord. Property managers and landlords are more open to reducing rent for long leases.

Share a rental property to cut costs

Consider sharing a rental property with friends or family members to reduce your individual rental expenses

Ensure you rent a moderately-priced property to keep the costs low instead of going for expensive options because you are going to share.

Choose a more affordable option

Opt for a smaller apartment or house, or look for rental properties further from city centres to find more affordable options. 

City centres are typically more expensive, so consider this before choosing. A weekly rent may also work better if you earn per week.

percentage of income for rent

Consider additional expenses

Factor in body corporate fees, gym memberships, utilities, and insurance when determining your overall rental budget. These may not all apply to all renters, but it is best to keep them in mind.

More on managing your rent

How does the percentage of income for rent vary between capital cities in Australia?

The percentage of income spent on rent can vary significantly between Australian capital cities, with Sydney and Melbourne typically having higher rental costs than other cities like Adelaide and Hobart. 

It’s essential to research the local rental market to find the right balance between affordability and lifestyle.

And while many feel renters should buy a house, it’s also wise to assess your financial situation before making the commitment.

What can I do if my rent is more than 30% of my income and causing rental stress?

If your rent exceeds 30% of your income and causes rental stress, consider reassessing your budget, finding a more affordable rental property, or exploring options to increase your income. 

You can also seek assistance through government programs designed to help low-income households with rental costs.

How can I avoid unexpected expenses when renting a property?

To avoid unexpected expenses, thoroughly inspect the property before signing a lease, and ask the landlord or real estate agent about any additional costs. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your responsibilities as a tenant and set aside an emergency fund to cover unforeseen expenses.

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