A Guide For Getting Rid Of Moths At Home

May 11, 2022
getting rid of moths

Without the proper knowledge, getting rid of moths can be a long endeavour.

Many people have had to deal with the irritating reality of moths for months. Moths can be expensive and inconvenient. Think about the hole in your favourite sweater or a rush of flying insects as you open the pantry door. 

Moths have a keen sense of smell, which they use to communicate, find mates, and detect food. Moths can gain access to your home through open windows or doors. Clothing and soft furnishings also attract them into the house.

Clothes moths can infiltrate homes by hiding in clothing, furniture, or goods purchased from thrift stores. Pantry moths can enter homes through eggs laid in foods such as flour, cereal, beans, and dried fruit.

Get rid of moths with these tried and proven methods. 

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Signs of a moth infestation

getting rid of moths

Moth larvae produce holes in fabric because adult moths do not have jaws. The damage to your garments will reveal the location of the eggs. Look for webbing and cocoons in the corners of your closets and cupboards.

  • Clothes with holes in them
  • Corners of cabinets with webbing
  • Cabinet corners with cocoons
  • Clothing with a musty odor
  • Clothing with larvae

This comprehensive guide will offer ways how to get rid of moths in house.

Vacuum and clean regularly

Regular housekeeping can help you solve your moth problem. Wiping down surfaces and removing dust, fibers, and crumbs will help significantly. In your clothes, food, and other places, keep an eye out for evidence of moth activity. Pantry moths, for example, are attracted to birdseed, so keep it out of the house and garage.

Do you have antiques in the house? This includes horsehair-stuffed furniture, preserved animals, and old dolls. Such items also attract clothing moths. Examine these objects before purchasing them at a sale. Also, inspect them regularly once bought.

Is there another favorite? Pet fur is a problem, so check your dog’s supplies. Keeping an eye out for moths could save you from severe pain later.

Once in a while, remove foods from the cupboard and clean the surfaces. If you notice a musty odor, webbing in the corner, or a sticky secretion in your food cupboards, and if you see the moths or caterpillars themselves, you must take action.

getting rid of moths

Use herbs to get rid of moths

Rosemary, thyme, cloves, lavender, and bay leaves are fragrant herbs that repel moths. Put the herbs in a tiny bag, keep them in your cupboards, or spray the essential oil in high-risk areas.

Seal up any cracks and crevices

After you’ve eliminated all indications of pantry and webbing moths, make sure to cover any cracks and crevices. These are the moths’ entry points.

Start by vacuuming around places where there may have been an infestation to remove adult moths or moth eggs nestled in the crevices. Then, seal these locations to avoid future infestations.

Skip Mothballs

getting rid of moths

Mothballs have traditionally been used to get rid of moths. Homeowners can purchase them at any home improvement store and function. They emit chemicals that naturally repel moths. These items, however, are not without flaws.

To begin, let us state unequivocally that they stink. There is a stench left behind despite their effectiveness in getting rid of moths. The odor will permeate all of your fibers, leaving your clothes and home smelling completely revolting.

Second, they may not be powerful enough to take out the larger moths. Some homeowners prefer cedar balls, a more natural and safer alternative, although moths can get immune to the fragrance, so this may only be a temporary solution.

Storage and cleaning

It’s time to put the mothballs away and get serious about clothes storage. Instead of Grandma’s favorite moth repellent, go for storage containers and vacuum-sealed bags.

Pantry moth infestations can be avoided by properly storing your food. Always use air-tight containers when keeping perishable items or dry foods to keep your food fresh and keep the weevils out.

Humidity and ventilation

Humid environments lure in moths. So, it’s critical to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. Keep air circulating to keep away moths from laying eggs in your garments or weevils from getting into your meals.

Open your windows in the morning to let fresh air in every morning. If the humidity is always an issue, consider buying a humidifier.

Herbs and florals

getting rid of moths

Making satchels with lavender, rosemary, clove, mint, thyme, and cedar chips to hang or sit in your closet is natural to keep webbing moths away. The odor will deter any invading webbing moths repulsed by the aromatic combination. It also has the advantage of making your wardrobe smell wonderful.

Washing is an excellent way to get rid of moth larvae

Washing your garments at high temperatures (at least 48 degrees Celsius) is one of the most effective ways to get rid of larvae. Washing is also vital since sweat entices the little buggers. Wash unclean clothes with laundry detergent.

This strategy is a long-term approach to getting rid of moths. 

Chips of cedar

This remedy may be familiar to you. Cedarwood is a natural repellent for clothes moths.  It’s a simple way to keep pesky insects away from your belongings. Place cedar chips where you’ve seen symptoms of webbing moth infestations. You can also buy cedar drawer liners or hanger rings.

If the aroma of your cedar chips starts to fade, sand them or buy a bottle of cedar oil to apply to the wood. If you have been wondering how to get a moth out of your room asap, here is the trick. 

getting rid of moths

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